Don't Let Jealousy Rob You Of Your Purpose.

Jealousy and purpose can't exist together.

There isn't room for both. You have to choose one.

Either you can pursue your purpose with every ounce of your being. Or you can be consumed by the unfairness you perceive in those around you.

You can let yourself get carried away with envy and fear. 

That's no way to act or behave. But it's all too common.

Especially when you're working hard and are tired of the fight.

When you give all that you have and still feel like it's not enough to make you a winner. You look around at others and you start to feel a sense of indignation.

  • Why do they get to be happy when I'm not happy?
  • Why do they get to have money but I'm struggling to make my own?
  • Why does it come so easily for them what it feels like it's so hard for me?

You can't always control those feelings right away. They just hit you.

But when they do, it's up to you whether you pursue them and blame others -- or whether you stop the madness and remind yourself of what really matters.

Your purpose matters or you wouldn’t be doing what you are doing right now.

Your success matters are you wouldn't be working so hard right now.

Happiness and fulfillment and success come to those who live their purpose.

Don't let jealousy rob you of that.

Dan Waldschmidt