What You Were Afraid Of Happening In The First Place.

It's not a skill you're missing. It's not a new method you're missing that is holding you back. It's probably fear.

Fear of the unknown. Fear of getting hurt. Fear of failing. Fear consumes most of our lives. It slows us down. Confuses us. Makes us feel inferior unnecessarily.

In truth, your mission isn’t to “achieve success”. It’s to make forward progress in spite of being afraid.

To do work while being unsure of what's going to happen.

There will always be another opportunity. Another new process or method to adopt. There's a never-ending stream of gurus you can call or mentors you can hire.

At the end of the day, when you are awake late at night deciding whether what you think is possible is something you're willing to fight for, what you do next is what determines your level of greatness.

And that is a completely uncomfortable conversation.

Because your brain isn't rational.

  • Just because you don't know how you're going to achieve breakthrough doesn't mean you shouldn't pursue your idea.
  • Just because you tried in the past and failed does it mean that'll happen to you this time.
  • Just because you're out of time and money doesn't mean you need to back down give up, and move on.

Be aware of the impact of fear on your decision-making process.

High performers are aware of how they feel -- and how it impacts them. They refuse to give in to its nasty conditions.

Fear will tell you to start later. That you're not good enough. Fear will tell you that you're not meant to be successful.

But fear is just an Illusion. It's not a fact. It's not even something based on science.

It's just something you feel.

And while knowing that fear isn't real won't automatically make it go away, it should give you the courage to keep taking steps forward. To keep moving closer to where you want to be.

Because if you listen to the fear in your head you will never do the important things that success requires.

You'll stay stuck. You'll stay broke. You'll stay unhappy, miserable, and unfulfilled.

Exactly what you were afraid of happening in the first place.

Dan Waldschmidt