How You End Up Being An Overnight Success.

You have the chance to be an overnight success story.

It might just take you 20 years to fight through that night.

The truth about your success is that what you’re going through now allows you to grow to the point where you can experience the results you want later.

It's all a matter of perspective.

When you don't get the expected results you want, it's easy to blame other people around you. It's natural to point your finger at all the reasons why life is especially unfair to you.

Sometimes, you failing isn't even your fault.

Someone else did something wrong and it hurt you. You got taken advantage of.

It was their bad choices and poor decisions that came back to impact you negatively.

It can all still work out in your favor.

Failure isn't final. Bad times don't stay that way forever.

The difference between failure and success is your ability to learn and adapt. And the best lessons to learn from are the ones that hurt you the deepest.

Good times don't help you grow. They are a reward for sticking out the tough times.

When things are good, life is a celebration.

But it is in those moments when life comes crashing down around you that you look deep within yourself to find the answers that ultimately become the catalyst to your outrageous success.

It's the tough times that make you stronger. It's when you're tired and sore, but still go put up a fight, that you realize how amazing you really are. You understand your capacity for greatness.

That’s how you become an overnight success. You spend a lot of sleepless nights learning and growing.

You fight through the pain of getting it wrong. You break past your head trash.

And then one day you realize you now have everything you wanted.

Being awesome isn't something that someone else should do, it's the only option you're willing to consider.

Dan Waldschmidt