Because You're Human.

You're human. There's no way to escape that.

Nor would you want to.

In truth, you might feel better without pain and fear in your life. At least for a little while. And it would be nice to not make stupid mistakes.

But humans make mistakes.

They get hurt. They hurt other people even when they're not trying to.

Being human means you're flawed.

It also means you've got a surprising capacity for greatness.

  • You can carve roads out of mountains.
  • You can build ships and boats and planes that circumnavigate the planet.
  • You can design technology that saves lives.
There isn’t anything you can’t do with enough time and willpower.

Have you ever thought about that?

On the other side of the pain and fear and frustration you feel are all the delightful qualities found nowhere else in the universe other than in human beings.

It's inside you. It is you.

When you feel like you're not good enough, remember that you're human.

When you fail again, for the thousandth time, remember that you're human.

When you can't see the light, remember that you're human.

Being human isn’t an excuse. It’s a precious opportunity.

The chance to fully realize your greatness and leave the world indelibly touched by your genius.

That's all, because you're human.

Dan Waldschmidt