You Have To Be Awesome First.

If you want your team to be awesome, you're going to have to be awesome first.

The hard truth about leading change is that most people won't be inspired by what you plan, prepare, strategize, or talk about. They will hear what you say and sometimes understand it.

Intellectually, they get it. But your words won't drive a behavior change.

That's not because you aren't eloquent or thoughtful.

That's not because the plan you have designed or the strategy you have architected won't work.

It is as simple as this:

People don’t know what awesome is until they see you do it.

Think about trying to describe a specific, magical moment that happened to you personally. Perhaps it was the perfect sunset on a day when you were stressed out and looking for signs of beauty.

Everything came together in one beautiful moment and it left you spellbound. But when you try to describe that others, it doesn't seem to have the same impact on them as it did for you.

In truth, it's not about the words you use to describe the experience. It is the experience itself.

You were there. They weren't.

So how do you put them there, whoever that might actually be?

You have to be the person who creates awesome. You have to be the individual who rises above average, ordinary, and expected to drive outrageous results.

You don't need to tell someone that something is awesome. They can see it for themselves.

If they can experience it, then they can begin to understand the importance of it. They can begin to emulate and imitate.

It's you being awesome that drives their progress.

It's what you do that impacts what they become most.

Which is why it matters that you make time to be awesome. Not with words. But with actions. Not with plans. But with demonstration.

Not with grand speeches. But with every detail of how you live your daily existence.

Dan Waldschmidt