That One Life-Changing Thing You've Been Missing.

Make no mistake, you're not going to escape death. Your time will come eventually.

No matter what you do. No matter what you learn. No matter how healthy, sophisticated, or lucky you intend to be, the inevitable will happen.

And while it makes no sense to live life discouraged, dwelling on the inevitability of your finality, it should focus your intensity.

It's a reminder that every day you have is precious.

It's a wake-up call that achieving your destiny is not something you have unlimited time to achieve.

You're not promised tomorrow. You're not promised the rest of today. You're not even promised one more hour.

What you do have is this moment. This time right now.

Your decisions are powerful. Within you flows the same ability of every other amazing person that you envy.

You have millionaire's blood flowing through your veins. You have the same synapses in your brain as the world's smartest prodigy.

You have the same capacity for courage and heart as every Special Forces operator brought in to change the course of a battle.

Imagine if you actually believed that.

Imagine if you could fully embrace the power of your humanness. You were put on this earth to do mighty things.

You started off fearless. But now you've let fear and mediocrity break your will to win and convince you that if you don't just "go along," your life's going to explode around you. Broken into a thousand tiny pieces of nothingness.

If you're not living the life of your dreams. If you're not achieving the level of greatness that you know you can achieve. If you're not happy, fulfilled, conquering, and magnificently obsessed.

If that's not you, then today is the best time to change that.

Right now is the best moment to get started.

You have all the tools you'll need. In fact, you've always had them. What you been missing is intensity. Urgency. That sense of purpose. The realization that what you do matters. That what you do does indeed have impact.

Don't let yourself get so beaten down by your past that you destroy your chances for an amazing future.

Dan Waldschmidt