Use Your Superpower.

You have a superpower. There is that something you have or do or know that is better than everyone else around you.

It's not even close. You're better. A lot better.

  • Maybe it's how you negotiate a business deal with calm, clear, and compelling ideas.
  • Maybe it's how you create a giant vision for a product when there doesn't seem to be any clear path forward.
  • Maybe it's how you are always there for your kids, coaching at sporting events and volunteering for extracurricular school projects.
  • Maybe it's how you make people feel understood, respected, and appreciated.

There's something you do that makes you super.

You're thinking about it right now. Perhaps, even wondering if it matters to anyone else or if it's important enough to be labeled "super".

That is the one thing you need to be focusing on.

Looking to make more money? Attach it to your superpower. Looking to find a new job? Start looking close to the areas of your superpower. Looking to fall in love or fix your relationship? Make it a part of your superpower.

There is already enough mediocrity and mediocre people in the world. Stop focusing on being good enough and instead spend your time and energy on doing more of the things that make you super.

Double down on your greatness. Bet on you. Be super.