The Danger Of Our White Lies.

A lot of our lives are filled with tiny white lies. We exaggerate our fitness, our financial health, how we feel, and the facts around the things that scare us most.

We embellish the truth almost automatically. It's something that is subconscious.

Something we do in order to feel better about ourselves. To fit in. To take a break. To have a reason for not hitting the mark.

The real danger of these white lies isn't that we tell them. It is that we begin to believe them.

Instead of using exaggeration as a coping mechanism, it becomes the plan. You start to believe those half-truths.

And so, instead of improving your fitness, your finances, how you learn, the thoughts you allow yourself to think about, or a thousand other details that define greatness, you stay stuck.

You're busy. You're struggling. But you can't ever seem to break through.

Maybe it's because you've started to believe those white lies you've been telling everyone else.