Surrounded By Idiots And Morons.

If you expect people to let you down, they always will. If you see your customers as "out to get you," you will always struggle to grow your business.

If you are outraged because prospects don't return your call, your phone won't be ringing as often as you think it should.

If you call your employees lazy and stupid, then that is how they will act.

The people in your life rise to meet the benefit of the doubt that you give them.

You have an impact on other people.

They're not going to be perfect. But your expectations of them shape your perspective of what they do.

Your beliefs drive their behavior -- which, in turn, shapes your attitude and the feedback you give them.

That feedback is the difference between them going the extra mile, and trying one more time, or just going through the motions before they decide to move on to something else.

You're not responsible for anyone else's actions. But you're responsible for how your attitude impacts them.

Maybe you're surrounded by idiots and morons because that's what you expect them to be.

LeadershipStephen Palacino