Drowning Within.

You won't drown because you're surrounded by water. You drown when water gets in you. The same is true for doubt and fear and negativity.

It's all around you. And that's not a problem until it seeps inside you. And you feel yourself drowning.

Dreams torn from your fingers. Hope dashed.

You can't always escape the danger.

You're usually not prepared for your most painful moments.

You're thrust into a churning ocean of discomfort. As far as you can see. As long as you can feel.

You're stuck. Swimming frantically to find your way out.

That ocean will always be there.

The fear and self-doubt and chaos that grips your soul unexpectedly -- that will always be there.

Remember most that you control you.

You are the master of your destiny and the decisions that you make.

You can only drown when you let it get inside you.

When you stop fighting.

When you decide that she'll never make it. When you surrender to the darkness.

You're good enough right now to win. You're strong enough to win the battle. You're smart enough to figure out the stuff you still don't know.

Right now, it's just a choice about will.

AttitudeStephen Palacino