What Do You Have To Lose?

What do you have to lose? Time? Money? Your reputation? What you're afraid to lose tells an interesting perspective about your priorities.

Many people will work hard to get a reward that matters to them, but almost everyone will put in extra effort to not lose something.

It's a fascinating study in human nature.

You're wired to work harder to not lose than to win.

So what do you have to lose? What is it that you use as your motivation to do the hard things when you're already tired and questioning your ability to keep battling for your goals?

Here are a few to get you started:

  1. Make a list of all the good things you already have going for you.
  2. Spend time each day dwelling on things you're grateful for.
  3. Do one thing that matters to you today and journal your progress.
  4. Ask for help from outside people who can help you make progress.
  5. Meditate. Read. Run. Eat well. Save money.

Invest in your long-term success.

The more you invest in you -- and taking your game to the next level -- the more you have to lose. And the more you have to lose, the less you're willing to stop fighting.

Maybe you're not winning more because you don't have anything to lose.