Honesty Isn't The Best Policy.

You can't tell your customer that your product doesn't work as well as you hoped it would. You can't tell your best customer the real reason why their invoice got messed up.

The underbelly of business can get pretty complicated -- and ugly. It doesn't look good to you and would be absolutely terrifying to your best customer.

Sometimes you have to take the blame for something that isn't really your fault.

Delivering the honest answer will put you out of business.

Being dishonest isn't the answer either.

There is no valor in pointing the finger at someone else or in throwing your business or coworkers under the bus.

Honesty isn't the best policy. Fixing your problems is.

If you have a problem and know you need to change things, change them.

Apologize when you screw up and improve.

You don't need to share the gory drama of how your mistake was made or who did what. Just improve and move on.

  • Be humble enough to learn from your mistakes and shortcomings.
  • Be passionate enough to change whatever is necessary in order to get to where you want to be.

Start making being awesome a habit.