Use What You Do Have.

Don't have enough time to get everything done you want to do today? Use the time you do have. Don't have enough money to invest in the support that would accelerate your growth? Use the money you do have.

Don't have enough experience to know where all the potential problems exist? Use the experience you do have.

Don't have enough of the right friends to help you network and navigate faster? Use the friends you do have.

Don't have enough of the right answers to silence your critics? Use the answers you do have.

You'll never have enough of what you think you need.

If you wait until it's the perfect time to get started, you'll never get started.

There is always more that you can learn. There will always be times when you feel inadequate and unprepared, scared, and cautious.

That doesn't mean you should wait.

It just means that what you're about to do is big and audacious -- with a huge reward on the other side of the battle.

Use the resources you do have. Use them smartly. With focus.

And think about what you're doing instead of just repeating a series of steps that someone else told you you "should be doing".

You've got everything you need to be amazing. Go out there and get it done.