One Of Those Days.

Those days you are too immobilized by disgust to continue forward. Those days you are too consumed by fear to try something new.

Those days when you're so angry you can't even think straight.

Those days when the criticism of others makes you want to give up.

Those days when you throw up your hands and don't even bother to try.

Those days when you stay mired in the disappointment of your failure.

Those days are wasted.

One of those days might have been the day you were supposed to win.

Any one of those days could have been the moment when all of your frustration and hard work, patience, persistence, and passion combined together into glorious victory.

And yet, because you didn't show up willing to win, you didn't experience what could have been the greatest day of your life.

All because of one of those days.

AttitudeStephen Palacino