The End Of The Road.

No problem is big enough to stop you. No obstacle is tougher then you are. People can't stop you. Movements can't stop you. Companies can't stop you.

A bad economy, lost customers, failed ideas, and a crowd of cynics -- none of these can stop you.

The only thing that can stop you is you.

When you decide to give up. When you decide to stop believing.

When you decide that it hurts too badly to keep moving forward.

Those are your decisions. No one else's.

No one is forcing you to quit. You're deciding that is what you want to do.

The end of the road is just the place you decide to quit.

It's not over till you say its over.

You're not done until you decide you're done.

That's tough to hear. Especially when it feels like most of the universe is outside of your control.

Don't despair. Don't blink. Don't back down.

Don't forget for one second that everything you want for yourself dies when you decide to give up.