What It Takes To Solve The Real Problem.

The problem you're solving isn't the real problem. Most likely. It's the problem you see. What is exposed on the surface.

It is what is producing the discomfort and pain that you're feeling. But it's not the real problem.

That's something different.

Something deeper. Not something you can see.

But you know it's there. Because you keep experiencing this pain. Over and over and over again.

And when you're truly honest with yourself the only explanation is that it's your fault.

You allowed this to happen. You created a situation where this keeps happening.

And right now you're not willing to address the real issue.

You're not even willing to admit that it's a big part of the reason why you keep failing.

Which is why things have to change,

This time, instead of trying to look good to those around you -- who don't really matter anyways -- or instead of scrambling desperately to try to assuage the frustration you're feeling right now, commit to a radical new reality.

Commit to transformation. Unfiltered, uncompromised, unparalleled change in your life.

Not solving discomfort. Not solving symptoms.

Tackling with obsession the difficult issues buried deep in your core that have strangled the life out of your ambition.