The Hard Truth About Why You Don't Win More.


Practice doesn't make you perfect. It makes what you're practicing permanent. Working out doesn't automatically make you fit. It just means you've been working up a sweat.

Practice is the performance.

You need to read more. You need to make more time for learning. You need to hire a coach to push you beyond your limits.

But most importantly, you need to practice being successful.

That's why you aren't winning more.

You aren't practicing like it really matters.

That means you can't just go through the motions, you do those motions with purpose and intensity.

You do it right. You correct yourself when your practice is sloppy or slow.You do it again until you get it right.

That's the essence of steady improvement. That's the only guarantee you have of being better.

A relentlessly deliberate rehearsal of success.

No matter what type of outcome you're looking for in business, sports, politics, or life in general, you improve when you focus manically on being better.

You'll never be better than your best practice.

If you're training to win, you'll do that. Not because you get lucky, but because you practice and train and prepare differently when you're serious about it.

What are you serious about?