You Think You're Disciplined, But You're Not. 

You're not disciplined because you do some of the things that need to be done. You're not disciplined because you do the same things each day.

You're not disciplined because you get up on time, go to work on time, or get things done on time.

The hard truth about discipline is that repetition isn't the same as practice, excellence, and focused determination.

Superstar athletes and high-performance business executives share the same ability to maniacally develop improvements in their own abilities, no matter how good they already are.

That's where discipline comes in.

It's easy to do what's easy. It's natural to do more of the things that you're automatically good at.

But doing more of what you're already good at isn't going to lead to any new breakthroughs.

You won't be awesome by doing the same old things you've been doing before.

  • It takes discipline to practice improving that one skill that makes you feel uncomfortable.
  • It takes discipline to try new things when you are already a pro at the old ones.

Given that definition, you're probably not as disciplined as you think you are, are you?

You play around at improving.

You aren't focused and deliberate.

You want to be better but aren't willing to do the work to get there. Disciplined work. Focused work. Uncomfortable work.

What are you doing today that feels awkward and new? What new, specific skills are you focused on improving?

Awesome isn't easy. But it's possible. Discipline is the pathway there.