Why Your Ideas Don't Matter. 

Ideas don't really matter. That you have them is a good sign.

It means that you're alive and somewhat alert and perhaps wildly brilliant.

But the idea of having ideas isn't all that spectacular.

So you should stop being shocked when other people don't take your ideas all that seriously.

Because ideas don't really matter.

How to execute those ideas is what matters.

Whether you call your ideas a strategy, new tactics, or just some solid brainstorming -- figure out how to execute your idea.

Execution is what really matters. Really, the only thing that matters.

A bad idea beats an awesome idea when you can't figure out how to get an awesome idea accomplished.

That's why the best ideas don't always get implemented. Because there's no plan to actually make them happen.

There is no pathway to success.

So the obvious, underwhelming idea is the one that everyone decides to execute.

Stop focusing on great ideas and focus on ruthlessly awesome execution.

That's the only way to guarantee your idea matters.