Why You Aren't Getting It Right, Right Now.

If success isn't the only option you can afford right now, you're probably going to fail. You might think you need more options than what you have right now. You might want more options than those you have right now. But more options means less urgency. Less intensity.

Less reason to get it right, right now.

Desperation will focus your resolve like no other force in your life. You have to crave success. Want success. Need success. And need it in your life right now.

When you're backed into a corner, you only have one direction to fight. When you're circled by enemies and opportunities, those two can look a lot alike.

In the moments when you feel most threatened, it's natural to become overwhelmed and frightened by the circumstances of the moment.

You are right where you need to be.

The simplicity of winning is in being "all in" in who you need to fight. You can't take on everyone all at the same time.

Start slaying problems one at a time. Take no prisoners. Waste no time. Live with no regrets

Be awesome.