Will They Remember You As A Warrior?

A warrior is tough and resilient. A warrior has a reason to fight.

A warrior is calculating but kind.

A warrior believes in a cause greater than himself.

A warrior understand the value of teamwork.

A warrior refuses to give up until the mission is over.

A warrior doesn't complain about the cost of the battle.

A warrior does what needs to be done even with it's difficult.

A warrior makes those around him better than they used to be.

A warrior has honor in his dealings and combat.

A warrior understands the importance of strategy and patience.

A warrior fights through the pain until the battle is done.

A warrior isn't eager to start a fight, but is dedicated to finishing it.

A warrior doesn't need an award to fight hard -- that's what he does all the time.

A warrior is gracious in victory and patient in defeat.

A warrior keeps both his body and his mind in top fighting shape.

A warrior eliminates distractions so he can focus on the battle ahead.

A warrior practices for combat even when he's already ready to fight.

A warrior makes winning his religion.