Easy Is Just For Chumps.

Anyone who tells you it's going to be easy is lying to you. There's no such thing as a free lunch. There's really no such thing as an easy lunch.

If it's easy then it's sold cheap. It has no value. It's not worth considering or thinking about. Easy is the opposite of valuable. It is the enemy of worthwhile. It's nothing that you want in a dream.

Nothing that you stay awake thinking about at night.

It's easy so it's fast. It is easy so you stop thinking about that you're going to do with it.

Nothing has really changed. You haven't solved the problem. Haven't conquered the world.

Pursuing easy hasn't made you better. You aren't in any better place now because you decided to take the easy pass. Make no mistake -- you might have arrived at where you are right now little bit faster.

You might have spent a little bit less money but you won't be any happier.

You won't live a more fulfilled life.

You won't have created something that you can tell your friends "you did this".

The truth is that the easy path is the fastest way to regret -- a guaranteed way to end up wishing you would have done something differently. It never looks like that at the beginning.

The easy path looks like the sure thing. The smart choice. The way that "insiders" know to go. But easy path is the quickest way of the edge of the cliff.

You're so committed to what's easy that  you never realize that the most beautiful things in life come from hard work -- from believing in yourself. From almost falling off the edge but pulling yourself back up.

Easy is for chumps. For losers.

For people who don't have dreams.

If you're not a chump than easy isn't for you. Hard work and big dreams are your path to outrageous success.

Keep at it.