Doing What Ever It Takes Is Always What It Takes.

You won't get far in life doing the bare minimum. To be candid, you won't get much farther doing a little bit more.

It's easy to think that because you're doing one more thing than those around you that you're automatically destined for greatness.

The truth is that you have to do a "lot a bit" more than everyone else around you to have a chance at attempting great things.

That's nothing new. That's how it has always been.

When you're truly willing to do whatever it takes, then you usually find yourself being successful. You work harder when you know that you're doing everything that you can do.

For some reason, when you make it life-or-death you rise to the occasion and succeed where in the past you only seemed to fall short.

The truth is that doing what it takes is what success requires. You have to lay it all on the line. No matter what you're trying to do you won't get there by hedging your bets or holding back.

You have to jump in with both feet and eyes wide open.

You have to work tirelessly. You have to focus on the details.

You can't play it safe. You can't pretend like doing what's easy is really going to work.

You have to be vulnerable enough to try and fail and try again. Until you get it right.

Even when you don't feel like it. Even when it feels like you don't have enough strength and courage to get back to the starting line again.

You have to get back up and keep moving.

Because doing what it takes is what it takes to achieve big dreams. And if that's what you have, then that's what you have to give. Anything. And everything. And sometimes both at the same time.

Dig deep.