How To Pursue Life Tired And Tough.

You're going to get tired. You're going to lose sleep. If you're working hard toward achieving an impossible goal then you're going to have to manage life with tired eyelids.

It doesn't matter what your dream might be, working hard and getting things done is going to cost you some sleeping time.

And not just because you're working hard to achieve your dream, life itself gets in the way of you being well rested and a clear minded.

A millions little things you can't plan for. Or expect.

And that's a problem, because things look a lot more miserable and scary when you're already worn out.

You don't see things as they really are, you see them as you feel -- which is lousy.

When you're feeling at your limit and exhausted, even the most promising opportunity can look like it's not worth pursuing.

You'll say things like: "I wish I could do more" or "I'm just too tired to do one more thing."

That's natural. That doesn't mean you're a quitter, a loser, or a lazy person.

It just means you're human. You have limits.

But being recharged matters. It's important to find some quiet time throughout the day.

That might mean a nap for you, or some meditation time, a work-out or just a few moments where you can shut your door and think.

Even the brightest candle burns to the bottom.

Don't let the fatigue you feel from the battle weaken your resolve to do what needs to be done to achieve your goals.