Why It's Right To Be Wrong.

There is power in being wrong. There's strength in recognizing that you haven't lived up to your expectations. It makes no sense to pretend like you don't make mistakes.

You are only hurting yourself.

It might feel like admitting failure will only feed into what your critics are unfairly saying about you. It might feel like denying that you're wrong will help you squeeze your way out of the corner you feel boxed into.

But just because it feels right not to be wrong doesn't mean it's right after all.

It's the worst possible move.

If you're never wrong, you can never be better. If there's nothing you can do to improve, then you'll never end up achieving extraordinary success.

It's just not possible.

Moving forward demands accountability. It demands introspection. A passion for personal improvement.

And even though it might feel like saying "I'm sorry" will only increase the laughter and scorn from the critics around you, it's what champions do.

They apologize when they're wrong. They ask for forgiveness when they hurt people around them. They mean it too. (It's not just a formula you mindlessly repeat so that the trouble in front of you goes away)

It's a belief that you can be better.

That you can achieve audacious goals. It's a simple things. Yet emotionally burdensome.

To rise above, you must first move beyond your feelings of hurt and shame to admit when you have not achieved to the level of your greatness.

And then when you are done being accountable, you're mission is to pick up sword and shield and get back in the battle -- with a conscious free of guilt, focused solely on the conquest ahead of you.

To the fight ahead of you.

Inside you are alive. Powerful. Without excuse. Purpose driven. Unassailably driven towards greatness.

Every great hero has his flaws. Don't let denying yours stop you from being one.