Everything You Need To Do You Already Can Do.

There isn't anything you need to do to be successful that you can't already do something about right now. There is anything truly holding you back from getting to where you wanna be. From being the person you want to be.

It's easy to play the "if only" game, dreaming about what you could be if things were different. The truth is that you have everything you need to be successful.

What you don't like, you can change. What doesn't exist, you can build. What still needs to flourish, you can nurture.

It's all possible. You just have to decide that you want to do it.

So you don't have enough money, work harder. So you don't have enough knowledge, learn more. So you don't have the right relationships, earn them. So you don't have the right skills, develop them. So you don't have enough time, ask for help.

Inspiration is one thing you're guaranteed to lose after you stop looking for it.

It's easy to let negative thinking cripple your ability to move past the obstacles in your way.

Without being deliberate about staying motivated, you'll let all the small annoying problems you encounter each day build up into a scary world of self-doubt and helpless insecurity.

You can change everything or anything about the world around you.

No matter what you've been through or how hard things are for you right now, you are the master of your future.

Right now you can make any change you want. Hard ones. Small ones . Important ones. You can fix what you think is still broken. Duct tape back the pieces of your dreams.

There isn't anything that can stop you from doing that right now. Nothing. You alone control what your future looks like.

Everything you want to do (and need to do) you can do.

You just have to decide whether you're going to do something about it or not.

Stop making excuses. Go be awesome.