18 Resolutions You Want To Make That Will Never Come True.

  1. Convincing everyone that you're right all the time.
  2. Being financially independent with a "work from home" atittude.
  3. Earning more while working less.
  4. Getting more support while giving less yourself.
  5. Trying to change the world when you won't change yourself.  
  6. Learning more without listening more.
  7. Being the smartest guy in the room.
  8. Doing everything, at the same time, awesomely.
  9. Getting it right the first time.
  10. Not having any enemies.
  11. Being successful overnight.
  12. Skipping out on the consequences of sloppy personal behavior.
  13. Leading without conflict.
  14. Being successful without having to go the extra mile.
  15. Never being misunderstood.
  16. Getting better without feeling fear or getting hurt.
  17. Knowing all the right moves before you take them.
  18. Not having to work at building successful relationships.