Small Is The Better Big.

Big dreams start with small decisions. Audacious goals begin with simple ideas. Greatness is less about doing one, big, mind-blowing feat of greatness and more about the tiny tasks you undertake each day.

It's easy to get swept away with romantic thoughts of doing one big thing that makes you successful. But that's just not how it happens.

That's not how it has ever happened.

It's always the small decisions that end up with big consequences. The small, but consistent, things you do each day that end up driving big results.

Think small. Plan small. Measure small.

Be ruthless about the details. Have a great strategy -- but obsess about your tactics.

While everyone else is telling you what they're going to do and the big plans they have for the rest of their life, be the person who grinds out the details -- even when it feels uncomfortable and boring.

That's a small decision. But it ends up making a big difference.

It will change the rest of your life.