Books Only Get You To The Starting Line. You Still Need Heart

Being successful has little to do with what you learn from books in the classroom.

Don't misunderstand, learning isn't a waste of your time, In fact, it's a skill you need desperately in order to be successful. But getting getting good grades and scoring well on academic assignments isn't the same as being a high performer in "real life".

Ironically, being book smart isn't the same as being people smart.

Which is why being incredibly brilliant doesn't automatically equate into the necessary skills you need to be successful engaging with the people around you.

You need something more than knowing what to do.

Successful people work hard.

They are relentless about moving past obstacles and getting to where they want to be. They see the positive side of any situation and are passionate about their beliefs and their destiny. They follow up on their promises. The follow through on what they say they're going to do.

You can count on them to be honest, sincere, and "smart".

But not necessarily book smart. People smart.

They understand what it means to deliver a product that other people want to buy.

They use marketing words that people understand. The build plans and track progress like normal people do -- not like it's an exercise for achieving a degree.

Books will get you to the starting line. But learning about "people" will get you to where you want to be. The finish line.

Successful people are people smart. Not just book smart.

Are you?