Dream Until You Sweat.

It's easy to get bogged down in the mundanity of every day living. Between a job, friends, community, fitness, wealth, and family you don’t automagically have time to plan for something amazing to happen.

You are too busy surviving instead.

And surviving isn’t the same as thriving. It’s not the same as dreaming big, living tall, and “going broke on you”.

No. The gritty work of making it through the day is completely different from the lofty mission of planning to do something awesome.

It’s not about wishes, but hard work.

Dreaming is hard work.

It leads to even more hard work. You have to be deliberate. Stubborn. Purposeful. Dissatisfied. And that has to wash over you until you are ready to work enough to change your future.

Think big until you sweat big. Keep sweating until you get to where you want to be.

Then you’ll realize that something big has happened. To you.

You weren't really dreaming at all this time. You were working as hard as you could to do something incredible.

Dream away.