There Is No Substitute For Wanting To Win.

Nothing can replace you wanting to win. Nothing can replace the raging fire that consumes you when you want to achieve a goal. Nothing.

Not saying the words. Not going through the motions. Not wishing, hoping, or dreaming.

None of that -- but when your whole life is consumed with a single purpose.

When you want to win you can't help but do anything else.

It changes what you do. Change who you are. How you spend your money. And your time. Who you talk with. What you learn.

Wanting to win changes your entire universe. It happens automatically. You can't do anything to stop it. When you are consumed by "wanting" more for yourself incredible things happen.

So what do you really want?

More money? Better health?  To be famous? A second chance?

What is so important to you that you can't get it out of head? Is that changing your life?

There isn't a substitute for wanting to win.

You've got to burn.

Light up.

AttitudeStephen Palacino