You Don't Have To Do Anything You Don't Want To Do.

You don't ever have to be humble. You don't have to say "I'm sorry" when you're wrong. You don't have to give back, pay it forward, or think about making the world a better place.

You don't have to be grateful or recognize the accomplishments of others.

You don't need to practice mindfulness, patience, or compassion.

You don't need to think about anyone other than yourself.

You don't have to do anything you don't want to do.

You can make it all about you.

You can swing rough elbows and use a sharp tongue.

You can "get yours" while there is some to be gotten. You can cut in line, be in it for number one, and make a big deal about you.

But that's a lonely, pathetic, unsuccessful way to live your life.

You'll never achieve more than when you give away the best parts of you.

You'll never feel happier than when you give happiness to someone else.

You'll never feel wealthier than when you donate your time and money to those who need it most.

You're never feel smarter than when you mentor those who just want a chance.

The truth about life is that you can make it all about you and be successful for some of the time or you can make it about making the world a better place, and end up being successful all of the time.

You can't fail when you're not selfish.

You can't stop succeeding when you look out for those who need your help the most.

Think about that on your frantic struggle to the finish line. You don't need to step on anybody to get there faster.

In fact, grab a few hands and pull people up. Shout words of encouragement to those you see stumbling along beside you.

Rise up. Stand up. Look up. Hold up. Share up. Lead up.

Pull those around you across the finish line.