18 Nevers. Infinite Evers.

  1. Never build your business plan around getting lucky.
  2. Never let yourself stay in a bad mood.
  3. Never stop sweating the details and deadlines.
  4. Never get happy when other people fail.
  5. Never stop learning, listening, or leading.
  6. Never stop being grateful for those who help you along the way.
  7. Never let a break turn into a lazy stretch.
  8. Never run away from a fight .
  9. Never fight when it doesn't matter.
  10. Never stop moving towards where you want to be.
  11. Never turn an error into a bigger mistake.
  12. Never forget where you came from.
  13. Never let pride stop you from asking for help.
  14. Never act petty because someone else did first.
  15. Never be too busy to not say a kind word.
  16. Never stop believing that you are going to make it.
  17. Never allow power or money go to your head.
  18. Never let fear trick you into taking the easy way out.

Never say never.

Live like everything you do matters. Work like you have infinite opportunity to change the world.

Because it does and you do.

Go be awesome.