And Don't Come Back For Awhile.

Life is too complicated to navigate without a plan.

Even with a plan it's all too easy to become distracted and lose your focus on what really matters.

Which is why sometimes you just need to leave it all behind.

Leave all the phone calls and emails, social media and a calendar full of appointments.

And don't come back until you have figured it out.

Figured out that one outstanding task that makes the most difference right now between success or failure.

  • Sometimes it is a person you need to call.
  • Other times it is in customer service problem
  • Or a new strategy for your marketing team.

Right now, you know what that one outstanding task is for you.

You know what stands between success and failure.

It might be time to not come back until you have figured that out.

It might be time to leave everything else behind and just focus on the one thing that really matters.

At least when you do come back, you can say that while you've been away, things got done.

More correctly, one thing I got done.

That one thing is the most important thing you needed to achieve.

So, in essence, everything that needs to get done you got done.

Maybe it's time you don't come back for a while.