Not Everyone Will Agree With You.

And that's OK. You won't agree with them all the time either.

And that's OK.

Sometimes you'll be wrong.

And that's OK.

Sometimes you'll just be misunderstood.

And that's OK.

Success isn't measured by how many people tell you you're awesome.

It's measured by the number of times you keep doing what you need to do in order to keep moving towards your goals.

We all want to be respected, liked -- even admired.  That's how we are wired.

You feeling loved is critical to your ability to achieve even basic functions.

But don't let that need turn into a want.

That's where things go sideways.

It's inevitable that people will disagree with you.

And that's OK.

Stay focused.  Be passionate. Help. Heal. Hope.

Live your own life.