What To Do When You Can't Make Things Happen Faster.

What's the cost of doing nothing? What will happen if you don't start working on your idea? Who get's hurt if you don't make any mistakes or end up with regrets?

You have to think through this scenario every day of your life.

Why do anything at all?

It takes quite a bit hysteria and of screwed up circumstances to get you to ignore the possibility of doing nothing. It's not often that you start with the premise that "not doing anything" isn't an option.

That's because uncertainty is a bigger fear factor than a screwed-up existence. It's the same in your personal life as it is your business life. If the demons in your brain can let you wait it out that's usually the option you choose.

And you are not alone.

Everyone around you operates the exact same way. Doing anything is usually the worst option to be considered.

  • Machinery breaks? Let's patch it together instead of buying something new.
  • Sales executive not working out? Let's hope he figures things out next quarter?
  • Business goals not being reached? Let's "reassess" our original goals.

Fixing it -- whatever that means at the moment -- isn't an option until there are no other options. That's important to remember (especially if you are trying to present your ideas or solution as a better alternative to doing nothing).

No amount of prodding, prancing, pushing, panting, or placating will change the fear that other person feels. Think about how you feel in that situation. Fear and doubt and frustration aren't easy problems to solve.

Time changes all that.

It heals wounds and lays bare weakness and pain.

If you're trying to help, stick around. That's the best place to be.

  • Not chasing other deals.
  • Not making excuses.
  • Not offering false hope.

Just "being there". Present.

And ready to help with "something" when "nothing" is no longer an option.

Letting people know you care isn't something you say. It's how you act.