Bring It.

Life is a battle. What are you bringing to the fight?

  • Bring dedication. -- Care more about you, your vision, and the world you want to live in.
  • Bring direction. -- Come with a plan. Speak with a vision. Lead with confidence.
  • Bring diligence. -- Stop accepting the status quo. Do you your research. Fight for your dreams.
  • Bring discipline. -- Do what's hard when no one is watching. Keep getting back up when you get knocked down.
  • Bring discretion. -- Morals matter. Do what's right even when it costs you. Stop following the crowd.
  • Bring diplomacy. -- Being stern doesn't mean you have license to wound with your words. Practice kindness patiently.
  • Bring dimension. -- Stop being a copycat. Learn new skills.  Be relentless about pushing your own limits.
  • Bring dignity. -- Don't slouch your back or your morals. Live with class, compassion, and courage.
  • Bring diversion. -- Be interesting. Care about other people.  Have manners. Get cultured. Respect what's different.
  • Bring divulsion. -- Speak with candor.  Stop telling white lies. Practice honesty. No one likes a "faker".

Bring life the best you.

Bring it every day. Week day.  Weekend. Holiday.

Bring it while you're sleeping, eating, running, talking -- while you're living.

It won't often be easy, fun, or what comes naturally.  But it is what brings you the results that you want.