Sometimes You Don't Get Enough Time.

You can do just about anything if you have enough time.

  • Ancient civilizations built pyramids that reached far into the sky without modern construction equipment or advanced tools. With enough time, they built architectural wonders that will stand for thousands of years to come.
  • Adventurers sailed for months across the wide open seas with primitive navigational tools, using only wit and wisdom to discover new corners of the globe.  With enough time, they discovered the wealth and wonders of the world as we know it.
  • Civil rights revolutionaries stood up for equality in spite of unfair imprisonment, harassment,  and intolerance.  With enough time, they began to cure the injustices of racism and bigotry for all of us.

But sometimes you don't have enough time.

Sometimes what you did yesterday is all that stands of your legacy.

You don't get another day. You don't get another chance. Its over. And with it, what you've done.

There are moments in time when we are starkly reminded of our frailty. There are moments when we are forced to consider the impact of our existence.

You don't have forever.

You don't get unlimited options.

What you do today and tomorrow and the next day matters. Because forever isn't a guarantee. It is not even likely.

But today is an opportunity to do what you been waiting your entire life start doing.

From business to religion to your personal life and family life, you might not be happy with what has been in the past. You might not be pleased with the results of yesteryear.

Consider today another opportunity to change that.