Just Because It's Witty Doesn't Make It Right.

There's a lot of business logic that doesn't always make sense.

  • Just because it's painful doesn't mean it's going to be gainful.
  • Just because no one said it was going to be easy doesn't mean that it needs to be hard.
  • Just because it's easier said doesn't mean it needs to get left undone.
  • Just because there is a way doesn't mean you have enough will to get you there.
  • Just because you are unturning stones doesn't mean you're going to solve your problem.
  • Just because you don't haste doesn't mean you're not creating waste.
  • Just because you're not idle does it mean you're not building the devil's workshop.

Just because your logic is witty doesn't mean it's right.

Sometimes it takes a little uncommon sense to sort out priorities and perspective.

If you don't know why what you do matters no one else can help you achieve greatness. So, it's a waste of your time and emotions to copy the satire and opinions of others when your own focus and dedication is what differentiates you from everyone else around you.

Sometimes being unpopular is the right move.