Go FAQ Yourself.

There is no excuse for not having the answer the second time around. You can't know everything all the time.  You can't have a witty response ready for every critic.  You can't  be eloquent, smooth, and quotable at all times.

Even "some of the time" is a challenge.  Especially if you are a pro.

It's hard to be awesome when you're unprepared.

Which is a legitimate excuse the first time around.  It get's old and tired a few dozen explanations later.  Even the second time around.

High performers learn from life experience.  They take their unprepared moments and turn them into explanations for the future.

They get prepared fast.  They are constantly looking for answers.  Continuously finding ways to be relatable.

They take responsibility for answering questions.

That's the secret to having it all together.  You take responsibility for your responses.

What you don't know, you learn.  What fools you first, you figure out.

It's an attitude thing.

It's your fault if you don't know.

It's also something that you can change with a little preparation.

What are questions for which you don't have answers?  Write them down.  Go get answers.

FAQ yourself.