What To Do When You Don't Have Time To Do It All.

Just do what matters. It's easy to forget the simplicity of focus; especially when there is so much that you are told that you "need to be doing".

From the calls that you "need" to be on to the meetings that you "need" to be at to the people that you "need" to network with -- your life can get become a blur of doing everything that everyone around tells you is best for you.

And that's a recipe for failure.

What's good for someone else isn't necessarily right for you.  What made a lot of money for someone else might not make you any money at all.

So what you "need" to do probably isn't something that anyone else knows better than you do.  Especially when you are running out of time and money and energy.

That's when you suddenly figure out that you only have time for what matters.  To you.

So focus on that before it's too late.  Fight for your priorities  Follow-through on your big dreams.

Believe in you.  That's what matters.

BusinessStephen Palacino