Life Isn't A Journey. It's An Obstacle Course.

It's OK to feel lost along your journey to success.  In fact, if you're going someplace new you'll be lost until the moment you arrive where you want to be.   And even then, where you end up can feel awkward and odd. So you probably need to get comfortable feeling your way around the dark.  You need to get used to bumping into the edge of sharp objects and falling into open construction pits.

Life is isn't so much a journey as it is an obstacle course.

Fear and anxiety are a big part of your daily challenges.  A lot of the time you just don't know what to do.  There isn't a book you can read on the subject, a seminar that covers the topic, or a mentor you can call to get answers to your questions.

It's just you.  And your questions. Which can be scary.  And feel hopeless.

The truth is that you aren't experiencing anything that everyone else doesn't feel already.

The obstacles are a necessary part of life.

A part of the pursuit of awesome goals.

If you're not feeling lost maybe you aren't heading in the right direction.

Maybe it's time to stop playing it safe.