24 Easy Ways To Make Your Best Customers Hate You.

  1. Take them for granted.
  2. Forget to love them.
  3. Overcharge and under-deliver.
  4. Never admit you make mistakes.
  5. Let them make mistakes.
  6. Not having their back.
  7. Thinking of yourself first.
  8. Stop following up or following through.
  9. Say too few "Thank You's"
  10. Forget the good times.
  11. Convince them to bet too big, too fast.
  12. Fake that you care.
  13. Run away from conflict.
  14. Allow them to be passive aggressive.
  15. Pretend like you understand when you don't.
  16. Waste more of their time.
  17. Let them go to voicemail.
  18. Schedule meetings "just because".
  19. Not take the blame.
  20. Demand "fairness".
  21. Pout, pity, or panic.
  22. Stop paying attention when they talk.
  23. Forget to  obsess about the details.
  24. Not walk in their shoes.