Trust Less = Stupid More.

Enough already with this coy business-speak about "playing things close to the vest". That works when you're playing cards. Not running a business.

In a game of poker, it's you against everyone else in the room. But when you're leading a company, more communication works better than less.

Business leaders who take special pride in their ability to "play things close to the vest" just make it painfully clear to everyone around them that they don't trust their senior executives.

Which is odd, because they  were the one who probably hired that executive in the first place. Or at least signed off on the hire.

This type of behavior is just pathetically self-destructive passive aggression.

Nothing more than failed attempts at letting employees know that you can make their work life frustrating and confusing.

Employees who actually benefit by knowing more.

So what should you do if you're a leader who struggles with trust?

  1. See the sunlight. Watch the flowers grow. Get a different perspective on what really matters.
  2. Join a group of CEO peers so that you can build relationships with people that you can trust.
  3. Get a therapist. Find someone that you can talk to. Deal with your intimacy issues.

Don't pretend like you're a good leader because you're cutting off communication to people that could make you wildly successful.

That's just stupid.