Why Your Big Ideas Stall Out.

Because you don't have a clue.  You're too focused on you. Let's take it from the top, OK?

Everybody's working on something. Mentally. Financially.  Physically.

Look around. The world is full of people some place doing something somehow.

Time doesn't stop because bad things happen.

There are no "do overs." 

Usually you get another day to solve another problem. Usually you have another opportunity to get it right the next time.

That's not just you. That's everybody, everywhere. We all get a chance to be amazing. And then a second chance. And then a bunch more chances.

Which makes the question about "being successful" all the more curious.

It bears asking: "If we are doing all the right things in all the right places using all the right ideas and strategies and tactics, why aren't we all more successful? Why aren't we more happy and focused?

Time isn't the issue. We all share that.  Neither is opportunity. Or education. Or skills.

Luck isn't a factor. Neither is environment.

The truth is we all have challenges.

You're not the only one going through problems. You're not the only one trying to "figure it out" You are not the only one who is confused, frustrated, and in-over-their-head.

You are not the only one.  It's every one of us. All the time.

That bears remembering.  Because the secret to a better you is a better them.  Healing them means healing you.  Helping them means helping you.

There are plenty of reasons why you can make it all about "you".  And some of those reasons actually sound somewhat reasonable.

But you'll never fix you the way you want to be fixed until you help them fix them.

That's where success starts.  Not starting there is where your momentum ends.

To fix it find pain and fix that.

You'll be "places" in no time.