Success is 75% Physical, 75% Mental.

Ever notice how anything amazing you want to accomplish always seems to takes more guts and heart than you thought you had? You start something audacious, expecting it to be rough and tough, and end up shaking your head wondering whether you can actually finish the crazy dream that originally set out to do.

And that's when you realize that you are outmatched by the obstacles in front of you.  What you thought was going to be manageable is now completely unattainable.

Success is impossible.

That is if you expect life to be reasonable and every-so-often fair.  But it's not.   Unless you reset your expectations for the effort and agony required, you'll just end up discouraged by your failed attempts at accomplishing big things.

Success is 75% physical and 75% mental.  That's what it takes to do something awesome -- everything you have and something more.

That's the truth.  You won't read it in a lot of business books or hear it prescribed as a strategy for business growth, but it's about as crystal-clear as you make the discussion about success.

It takes massive amounts of commitment.

Sometimes you lose sleep and lose weight and lose friends.   Sometimes you get hurt and feel stressed and end up with more questions than you have answers.

That means you need to make a decision: "Are you in or are you out?"  Do you really want to be successful or do you just want to have a smart enough list of cover-your-ass goals to pass yourself off as ambitious?

Success starts with a simple decision.  A dedication to doing whatever it takes.

You might not like how that sounds, but it's the truth.

Success doesn't play fair.

If you aren't serious, don't get started.  Do something else.  Find another dream.  But if you do dare pursue your dream, remember the cost.  Be willing to pay the price.

Do whatever it takes.  It will be worth it.