Having The Sometime Of Your Life.

It's the sometimes that trip you up.  That stop you from seeing the world as it really is. It's the sometimes that make you doubt your ability to be amazing. But the sometimesare a reason to look at life in a new way:

  • Sometimes what seems like luck is just 30 years of hard work and a relentless focus on the details.
  • Sometimes the smartest guy in the room isn't really any smarter than you after all.
  • Sometimes you need to get it wrong a few times before you start figuring out how to do it better.
  • Sometimes the "grass is greener on the other side" and you still stick around and pretty up your own yard.
  • Sometimes everyone thinks that you are dead wrong but you still need to pursue your dream with vigilance.
  • Sometimes you don't know all the facts and don't have all the answers, but you still need to make a decision.
  • Sometimes what looks like your biggest disaster is just the lesson you need to make you a super-star.
  • Sometimes you just need to try harder, work longer, and "gut it out" through the pain.
  • Sometimes your biggest fear becomes reality and you have to learn how to be successful in spite of it.
  • Sometimes you get kicked when you're already down and you still have to get back up on your feet and keep going.
  • Sometimes the people you want to trust turn out to be untrustworthy and hurt you when you least expect it.

Sometimes you never get another chance.

Things aren't always fair or fun.  You just have "you", the opportunity in front of you, and your hunt for glory. If you are waiting on better odds, better timing, or better friends, you'll never get started. You are wasting your time waiting.  Change that. Have the sometime of your life.