Doing the Easiest Thing.

Doing the easiest thing isn't always easy.  Sometimes it's pretty difficult. Doing the right thing isn't ever wrong.  But that doesn't make it an easy decision.

Doing what's easy is often hard to do.

That's the paradox you often face.  Things shouldn't be as difficult as you feel like they are.

But when you look at the results that you want and the options that you have, "hard" is woven into just about every part of the process.

It's hard to do what is easy.

It's hard to be kind.  It's hard to be honest. It's hard to be relentless.  Focused, compassionate, and insightful.

It's easy to talk about. Easy to preach.  But hard to do consistently.

Which makes it all the more important to do.

Because even though it is hard to do, it's still the easiest way to achieve the results that you want.

It's easier than the chaos of lies.  It's easier than the mediocrity of laziness.  It's easier than failure and loss and misdirection.

Doing the easiest thing is the easiest thing in the long run.

So do it.