The Power of Believing Your Own Insanity.

Let's face it.  If you don't believe in you no else is either. You might be crazy.  You might be wrong.  You might be both.

(Chances are you are..)

But that's OK as long as you believe in you.  That's the key.  Passion.  Purpose.  Relentless drive.

And it's not always easy to do.

Especially when it gets tough.

You can't give up.  You can't believe the critics.  You can get distracted by failures in your past.

You have to believe that you'll figure it out.  That you'll come through with the answer when you need it most.

And the truth is that you probably will.  Think back to your hardest struggles in the past.

You get to the edge of the cliff and look over.

It seems like it's over.  You look down and all you see is disaster.

But somehow you figure it out.  In spite of the stress and the chaos and your impending doom, you find a meaning to the insanity.  A way down.

And it all works out because you never stop believing in you.  That's the secret.

Your belief is what makes the difference.

It drives you to be more creative.

To work harder.  To muscle past the obstacles holding you back.  Pushing you down.

You have to believe in you first.  

Don't forget that. You're the only "Fan Club" you need.

No one else needs to agree with you, support you, or even like you. Those are "nice to haves".  And in a world where you are focused on changing the conversation, nothing is easy or nice.

Most of what you do looks like insanity to those around you.

But that's OK.  You know where you are going.  And you believe you can do the impossible.

So keep believing.  Fight to keep your dream alive.

What's seems like insanity now might be the next big idea that changes the world.

That's worth believing in.

Attitude, BusinessStephen Palacino