How To Make Sure It Doesn't Fall Apart Later.

There is a thin line between living purposefully and living selfishly. Between fighting for what you desperately want for yourself and stepping on those you think are beneath you.

There's a line in the sand.

A fine line.  A line so faint at times that you might easily confuse the line with the step you just took.

It's important to push belligerently forward in your pursuit of your goals.

Whether you look for your next job, your next big client, or your next big idea you have to be relentless.  Never accepting "NO" as a legitimate answer.  Never surrendering to the obstacles in your way.  Never stopping.  Never slowing down.

But not taking advantage of those around you.

And that's what will come naturally.

You will step on the backs of others if you don't have a plan to stop and care for others.

If you don't step back from moving forward and look for the line in the sand.  To check that you haven't gone too far, haven't hurt others around you.

You can't expect to build yourself up while breaking down others.

You'll only rise so far.

You need the help and inspiration of those around you. Remember that.

Work hard. Love much. Stop to be grateful.

You'll stay on the right side of the line.

BusinessStephen Palacino